In Development

Cirque Bordello


  • Outdoors
  • 6 performers, 1 musician, 1 technician
  • 45min
  • Audience: Medium/Larger scale – 150 – 1500 seated or standing
  • Suitable for all ages

Lost in Translation Circus’ exciting new project in development.
Based on a narrative conflict between the staff/tenants, who run the quirky and ineffective Hotel Bordello, and The Banker who wants to repossess the house and sell it; Cirque Bordello creates an exciting mix of narrative, character, comedy, live music and circus skills.  The tenants introduce us to their home, and we witness their battle with ‘the banker’. Will they manage to stay open, or will they be forced to move on? Making use of windows and doors of the set/building as well as circus apparatus such as Chinese pole and Korean cradle, Cirque Bordello will create a big and surprising impact.


Touring set
Fully developed narratively, physically and musically, for the full shebang with self-sufficiency, ideal for street arts festivals, and larger festivals in a field, or the finale act for smaller events.

Site specific
Cirque Bordello takes over the a real building in the street. The original concept of the project, artistically exciting and surprising, but requiring additional time and support. For one-off projects, regeneration projects, unusual sites, or urban-based festivals who are looking for something unique.

Using circus, music, character and context but without a set, and with a simplified dramaturgical content, this version is for events using a stage, requiring a technical simplicity and a quick turnaround. It is also easily adaptable to tented venues. 
Currently in development, available for touring summer 2017.

D’Amblè/Out of Hand

(working title)

  • Outdoors or Indoors
  • 2 performers, 1 technician
  • 20 - 25min
  • Audience: Small/Medium scale – 100 - 600 seated or standing
  • Suitable for all ages

Reflecting the real life journey of working and living together, this duo explores their close but problematic relationship, from moments of intimacy and trust, to teasing, frustration and explosion. Using spectacular Korean cradle and acrobatics, movement, and comedy, this is what takes place behind closed doors.


Currently in development, available from July 2016.